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“Life Changing”

I recently hired Erica to complete DNA Testing+ through both 23andMe & AncestryDNA, as well as 20+ hours of family research. Erica went above and beyond for me. She found the other half of my biological family, both living and from generations ago. Erica provided me with all the contact information for my newly found living-family.  I have contacted my newly found family who is equally excited to welcome me into their lives. She also was able to trace my ancestry across Ireland. She included facts such as Irish records dating back to the early 1800s. She found all of my great-grandparent’s grave sites, she even provided me with photos of their headstones.  I highly recommend Erica’s services; she really went above and beyond for me which completely changed my life.

 Robert Gamble | Long Island, NY

“World of Wonder”

For generations, my family passed down stories of us being from American Indian heritage but no one ever had any real facts to prove it. My mother and I completed an Ancestry DNA test with Erica’s guidance and our results were amazing! It turns out that we are not only Andean-American Indian which is primarily located in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador, we are also North/South/Central American Indian.  Erica took as much time as we needed when it came to explaining even the finest detail of my order, she even helped me learn how to use my new account. Erica really opened up an entirely new world of wonder for my family. I am excited to continue my American Indian family research with Erica and share my findings with my family. What a fantastic experience!

Jessica Marrero | Orlando, Florida

“Solved my Brick Wall”

I have 2 brick walls within my family tree. One brick wall is on my German line and the other on my Irish line. I hired Erica to take a look into my Irish line and see if she could find anything I couldn’t. Erica took the time to look over the information I had already had and quickly pointed out where I went wrong. After 6-years of researching my line every single day, it only took Erica about 5-hours to narrow down a county and town. I used Erica’s findings and continued my research. I can’t believe how much I have found now that my brick wall is down. Erica gave me great advice and suggestions on where to look for records as well. I am proud to say that my ancestors are from Tubbercurry, Sligo, Ireland.  I look forward to my upcoming Irish heritage trip, and can’t wait to set my feet in Sligo. 

Mary Hartley | Myrtle Beach, SC

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