What if I don’t know my biological family? 

Before any attempt at family research, we will suggest you take a DNA test to determine your Haplogroups.

Do you guarantee results?

Results may vary depending on the order placed. As much as I want to guarantee results, sometimes finding a record or ancestor is just not possible. Depending on the year and location some records may have been destroyed during war, fires, the elements or may not exists. I will try my best to locate and research any records, DNA and family research.

What happens after I place an order?

After you place an order I will review all of the information you provided and within 48 hours I will contact you and go over your order.

How long will my DNA test results take?

Depending on the company you tested with, general DNA test results may take up to 8-weeks to process.

Will you contact a family member for me?

Yes, I can contact a long-lost family member for you as long as it pertains to the research objective.

What is your refund policy?

Once an order has been placed and I have begun researching, regardless of the results I can not issue a refund.

While it is possible to update your email, we have several software systems https://domyhomework.guru/ so it can take time and possibly lead to missed communications.